Twitch Is Done With Hot Tubs – It’s Now All About The Fart ASMR Meta

We’ve had the Twitch hot tub meta, we’ve had the Twitch ear licking ASMR meta – now make way for the Twitch fart ASMR meta.

For those uninitiated, let’s have a short recap. The Twitch hot tub meta began back in April when ‘Just Chatting’ streamers began performing their streams from inflatable pools. It sparked a huge debate around whether that type of content belonged on Twitch. The argument was ultimately settled when Twitch added a dedicated ‘Hot Tub’ category, saying that being perceived as ‘sexy’ isn’t against its rules.

We then moved on to the ear licking ASMR meta. This surfaced in June when ex-hot tub aficionados, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’  and Indiefoxx, began to simulate ear licking on their ASMR streams. The practice earned both of them a temporary suspension at the time, though IndieFoxx repeated the offence upon her return. That earned her a sixth ban with Twitch stripping her of the coveted Twitch Partnership.

Pardon me?

Now, a new Twitch meta is beginning to emerge and it’s even more questionable than the previous two. Streamers are creating subscriber goals that, when achieved, will see them let rip into the ASMR microphone.

ASMR is sensory stimulation that’s usually achieved by performing very quiet sounds into an incredibly sensitive microphone. The category exists as a permanent fixture on the Twitch site, but some streamers are using it for more… creative purposes, shall we say.

Streamer Indiefoxx specifically has a fart sub goal. Here’s a clip of popular streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo finding out about the meta:

YouTube video

Clearly, there is an audience for this sort of content. After her previous ban, Amouranth revealed that she received an additional 587 new subscribers to her OnlyFans page. The debate continues as to whether these meta’s have a life on the Twitch platform or whether they’re better suited elsewhere on the internet.

Twitch is yet to make any sort of formal comment about the emerging meta’s. That said, its swift bans make it clear that the new content forms might be pushing the envelope a bit too far.

What do you make of the Twitch fart ASMR meta? Let us know across our social channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Mizkif/Indiefoxx