Red Dead Online Gets A Surprise Festive Update

Red Dead Online has surprised its players with an extra-special update, just in time for the holiday season. Over on Reddit’s r/reddeadredemption subreddit, a user by the name of SkeptaPurple discovered that following the most recent game update, NPCs with musical instruments weren’t just playing any old Western songs like they usually were – they’re actually now … Read more

Pokémon Unite Gets A Delightful Winter Makeover

Pokémon Unite, the cutest esports MOBA out there, is getting a delightfully seasonal winter makeover in a brand new update. Pokémon Unite released earlier this year on Nintendo Switch, much to the adoration of fans. Pitting the loveable pocket monsters against each other in arena based combat, it scratches that League of Legends itch but … Read more

People Are Fuming About Instagram’s Latest Update

Anytime there’s change to a loved app, or product – you can guarantee there’s going to be quite a few people who aren’t feeling it. After all, change can be scary, and sometimes when you know your way around something to have to try and teach yourself a new way when it didn’t need changing … Read more