Fallout London

Never mind Fallout 5, Fallout London has a release window

The huge DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4, called Fallout London, now has an official release window. Fallout London is a huge mod for Bethesda’s Fallout 4. It takes place in, well, London, and lets the player loose in a post apocalyptic version of the famous city. Recently, the mod received a new gameplay trailer as … Read more

Top 10 best Fallout 4 mods you need to install right this second

If you want to unlock all the potential Fallout 4 has to offer, then try these best mods to enhance your experience in Bethesda’s acclaimed RPG. Fallout 4 is one of Bethesda’s most ambitious games to date, with an enormous world full of secrets to uncover. The core experience is great but these mods can … Read more

Fallout London

Fallout: London Looks Like The Best Fallout In Years

New gameplay for Fallout 4 mod “Fallout: London” has been revealed, and it looks pretty impressive. Fallout: London is a “DLC-sized mod” for Bethesda’s Fallout 4. It takes place in London, obviously, and unleashes the player into a previously unexplored part of the post-apocalypse. The first official gameplay trailer is out now, and it shows … Read more

Oscars Board Launches Formal Review Of Will Smith/Chris Rock Incident

Will Smith Netflix Projects Put On Hold Following 2022 Oscars Fallout

Netflix and Sony have put Will Smith projects on hold following his Chris Rock slap at the 2022 Oscars ceremony. During the 2022 Oscars Ceremony, Smith slapped host Chris Rock over a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Since then, the actor has been forced to apologize to the general public and to Chris Rock. … Read more

Ella Purnell To Star In Amazon's Fallout Series

Ella Purnell To Star In Amazon’s Fallout Series

Ella Purnell has been officially announced to be starring in Amazon’s Fallout series, which is currently in production. She’ll be playing a currently unknown character, but we’re expecting more news on the character within the next few months! Purnell might be known by fans of video game adaptations from the recent critically acclaimed Netflix series … Read more