Morbius Actor Tyrese Gibson Falls For Fake Scorsese Praise Quote

Tyrese Gibson has fallen for a fake quote in which Martin Scorsese appears to be praising Morbius. A fake quote circulated on Twitter as an April Fools joke earlier this week. It appeared to come from The Irishman and The Wolf Of Wall Street director Michael Scorsese, saying: “This is the truest height of cinema … Read more

Morbius Is The Second Worst Reviewed Marvel Film Ever

Reviews for Morbius are in, and it has received some of the worst reception for any Marvel adaptation, ever. Morbius received a critical mauling, managing to receive a C+ CinemaScore (giving it the second-lowest for a Marvel adaptation ever). I mean, just look at some excerpts from reviews below: “An incoherent, vampire themed Marvel offcut.”- … Read more

Morbius Marvel Movie Was Supposedly Inspired By Pokemon, Says Director

Daniel Espinosa, director of the upcoming Morbius Marvel movie, has said that the movie was inspired by the Pokemon series. In an interview with IGN, Espinosa stated the visual effects of the movie were partially inspired by Pokemon, a series that his daughter has recently gotten into. “I have a daughter who is six years … Read more

Hordes of suit-wearing gentlemen are seeing the new Minions film

In a bizarre event, hordes of people wearing suits are going out to see the new Minions: The Rise of Gru film. The trend has quickly spread across social media, mainly on TikTok and Twitter. Videos show groups of well-dressed gentlemen descending upon theaters to see the new Minions movie. They’re coming dressed in dapper … Read more

Sony turns Kraven from an animal hunter to an animal lover

Sony turns Kraven from an animal hunter to an animal lover

The new Kraven the Hunter will be an animal-loving antihero, according to star of the movie, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Aaron Taylor-Johnson recently discussed the upcoming film at the CineEurope conference. In it, he described the character as “one of Marvel’s most iconic, notorious anti-heroes — and Spider Man’s number one rival.” And as it turns out, … Read more