New Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Shows PS5 Exclusive Features

A new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy has been released, showing exclusive features only available on PS5. Avalanche Software’s new Harry Potter adventure will have exclusive features on PS5. It’ll use the DualSense controller and other PS5 features. There’s a big emphasis on immersion, and the game is clearly aiming to make you feel like a … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date, Platforms, Info, And More

It’s been years since Harry Potter fans have had a proper video game to enjoy, but that’s all about to change with the release of Hogwarts Legacy. Developed by Avalanche Software, Hogwarts Legacy is set during the late 1800’s in the Hogwarts castle we all know and love. It’s been recreated in loving detail, and … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy Dark Wizard

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Confirms You Can Become A Dark Wizard

The latest gameplay deep dive for Hogwarts Legacy confirms a gameplay feature that fans have been hoping for – the ability to play as a Dark Wizard. Hogwarts Legacy is a gargantuan RPG set within the universe of Harry Potter, albeit 100 years before the films and books. It’s developed by Avalanche Studios and lets … Read more

Hogwarts Gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy Map Revealed To Be Absolutely Huge

A new video has potentially revealed the size of the Hogwarts Legacy map, and it looks like it’s going to be absolutely huge. In a video released by Warner Bros. Games, a concept art image shows what looks like part of the open world. It looks like a big open expanse players can explore outside … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy Will Not Feature Multiplayer, According To Developer

Avalanche Studios has confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will not feature a multiplayer component when it releases later this year. Hogwarts Legacy is looking to be a Harry Potter fan’s biggest fantasy. Set a century ago, it sees players take on the role of their own witch or wizard. They’re then let loose around Hogwarts castle, … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Finally Unveiled For Later This Year

Warner Bros has finally unveiled the release date of Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter themed RPG – and it’s coming out later this year! Earlier this evening, Sony hosted a State of Play dedicated to Hogwarts Logic, the upcoming RPG title from Avalanche. With 20-minutes of brand new gameplay and a commentary from the developers, … Read more