Top 10 Harry Potter characters ranked from worst to best

Who is the best Harry Potter character? Whether you love Ron Weasley or Hagrid, here are the best characters in the wizarding world. The Harry Potter universe has an ensemble of amazing heroes, loveable fools and dastardly villains. But which Harry Potter character really is the best? 10. Rubeus Hagrid We just want to give … Read more

Fresh Harry Potter JK Rowling

Warner Bros Wants To Make ‘Fresh’ Harry Potter Content With JK Rowling

Warner Bros executives might be meeting with JK Rowling soon to discuss the development of ‘fresh’ Harry Potter content. It’s been a bumpy ride for Harry Potter fans. Sure, we’ve seen three additional movies as an addendum to the main saga. However, their popularity with audiences seems to be dipping lower and lower. It’s to … Read more

Harry Potter Quiz: Test Your Knowledge On The Books And Films

Would you class yourself to be a Harry Potter superfan? Oh really? We’ll be the judge of that. Take our Harry Potter quiz to truly test whether you’re more magic than muggle. There are 10 questions to get through, all of which will test your knowledge on both the Harry Potter films and books. You’ll … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Planning To Direct His First Movie

Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he’s written a movie about the film industry, and he wants to direct in the near future. In an interview with Empire, Radcliffe revealed that he’s written a film that he really wants to direct. He said that: “I’ve got an idea for something that I have … Read more

Universal Closes Iconic Section Of Harry Potter Ride

UPDATE (06/05/22): The closed down section of this infamous Harry Potter ride has finally been re-opened to the public. Original Story: A beloved Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studio’s Orlando has been closed down for an indefinite amount of time, according to an official statement from Universal Studios. Sadly, Universal has decided to close down … Read more

Study Uncovers Ridiculous Amount Harry Potter Fans Spend On Merch

A new study has uncovered just how much money that Harry Potter fans spend on merch, and it’s quite extortionate! [via GamingBible] Nerds and general fans of pop culture are known for spending a ridiculous amount of money on merchandise. We all know that one person who has a shrine to their love for a … Read more