6 GTA V Secrets You Should Know

GTA has always been characterized by the variety of accessories in the form of gameplay elements that come with main missions of the game. These include various aspects of the open-world that the player interacts with and various mini-missions and mini-games. The new addition to the series, the upcoming GTA V, also is replete with … Read more

6 Most Badass Vehicles of Grand Theft Auto

The series that is GTA has seen a bevy of vehicles which have been our favorites in their own rights. Vehicles and their reckless albeit usefulness has been a trademark of GTA since the beginning of the series. Compiled here is a list of the most amazing and popular vehicles that we have seen in … Read more

Resident Evil 6 Siege mode set to release next week

Capcom will finally release Resident Evil 6 Siege mode . The PlayStation 3 user will be able to get their hands on it March 6th. The pack will cost $3.99. Apparently, the pack will include 7 new modes featuring Rail Yard, High Seas Fortress, Catacombs, Requiem for War, Liquid Fire, Rooftop Mission and Creature Workshop. … Read more