7 Horrible Mistakes You Might Be Committing In Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go has spread like wildfire recently – pretty much everyone on Earth is playing it. It’s only been out a week but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Catching Pokemon in real life is almost exactly as much fun as everyone hoped it would be. However, due to being such a recent release, there … Read more

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Two: What We Know and What To Expect

Late last year, Microsoft’s Phil Specter confirmed that there is an Xbox Two and that gamers can expect it “sooner than later.” There was some speculation that Microsoft may bow out of the console business after the Xbox One’s lifespan has come to an end, but thankfully there will still be plenty of competition to keep … Read more

The 7 Worst Big Budget Games of 2015 That Were Huge Disappointments

2015 is almost over and it has given us some great games and countless hours of fun. Unfortunately, not every game is a great experience. It’s always exciting to wait in anticipation of a big title to finally launch, but sometimes they’re total letdowns. With smaller indie titles, you know they can be hit or … Read more

The Biggest Gaming Disasters Of 2015 – 2016

There’s no real way to define what makes a game good. For me, it’s a mixture of memorable gameplay, generation defining graphics, an in depth story and well structured characters. How to define a bad game? Well that’s a little easier. We have come up with our list of the biggest disasters of 2015. It’s … Read more

PlayStation Evolution video #2 – PlayStation 2

With PlayStaion 4 announcement date getting closer, Sony revealed a new video about how PlayStation 2 Era begin. The video show how PlayStation 2  became the best selling home game and consoles ever. Previously Sony has release a video about the first  PlayStation on how it became successful and how it rapidly rise.(You can view the first PlayStation video here ) So, assuming … Read more