Top 10 best single player games to lose yourself in 2022

Single-player games allow players to get lost in mythical worlds and epic action. Here are some of the best gaming adventures to embark on in 2022. Remember the first time you played The Last of Us? We’ll never forget it and we’re still chasing an experience that is just as good. If you’re seeking out … Read more

Gotham Knights Cancelled

Gotham Knights Cancelled For These Popular Consoles

Gotham Knights has been confirmed to be cancelled for last gen consoles and is now exclusive to new-gen consoles only. Warner Bros. Montreal confirmed that the upcoming Gotham Knights game, which was originally thought to come out on last-gen consoles, will only be launching on new ones. The game will release on PS5, Xbox Series … Read more

A Brand New Harry Potter MMO Game Is On The Way

An awesome looking Harry Potter MMO game is in the works by Portkey Games, and is releasing pretty soon! It’s a good time to be a Harry Potter fan if you also like video games. Hogwarts Legacy is set to hit PC and consoles later in the year. Not long ago, we also had Wizards … Read more