The Funniest Steam Reviews From P*ssed Off Players

To make it easier to find out if a game is worth buying or not, Steam introduced a user review system. It works well for the most part, but a lot of Steam users are using it as a way to crack jokes or poke fun at developers. In this article, we take a look … Read more

5 of the Most Hated Video Games of All Time

1. Motorbike The first game to feature in this list is Motorbike. The game is so bad that it received a score of only 15 in Metacritic. The game is a mixture of really bad physics, a lot of bugs and worse levels. The hilarious thing about the game is that the motorbikes can also be … Read more

Uses Unreal Engine 4: First developer’s , PC exclusive, more

Epic Games  came to Comic-Con today and has finally shared some details on its new project, Fortnite and finally talk about their next game, Fortnite, a “a co-op sandbox survival game. You can view the first details down below – Co-op sandbox survival game – About exploration, scavenging gear, building fortified structures and fighting waves of … Read more