6 Harry Potter theories that will change your perspective on the series

Even with JK Rowling producing new content and (finally!) expanding the Harry Potter world, fans won’t stop developing their own theories to improve and enrich the magical world of Harry and his friends. Some of these theories have actually gotten feedback from Rowling herself – Nr. 3 is one of her favourites. 1. Harry Potter is a Horcrux – that’s why the Dursleys treated … Read more

Battlefield 1 dev teases Bad Company 3 development

The Battlefield franchise is back on track with the upcoming Battlefield 1 looking gloriously beautiful. Battlefield 1 makes an entry when the fans were just starting to complain that the franchise was losing its way. However, the game which is set on World War I environment is touted to be a challenger to the Battlefield series‘ … Read more

Hideo Kojima considering legal action after being accused of assassination

In what could be the weirdest story this month so far, Hideo Kojima was accused of assassinating the previous Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. Now, he’s considering legal action. Kojima Productions issued a statement in response to the accusations, which were primarily made by far-right French politicians. The accusations were picked up by social media outlets … Read more