We Don’t Get It Either

We don’t get this either, I think everyone knows that Call of Duty released nearly the same game year after year but when the makers of the new Batman game do it everyone goes berserk. Is it because everyone expects this from Call of Duty or is it for a completely different reason.  Our theory … Read more

PS4: Free-To-Play Games List

The PlayStation 4 will come with a bevy of free-to-play titles for anyone who subscribes to PlayStation Plus service. Most of these titles will be available at the launch of the console. Sony is making every effort to ramp up its free-to-play offerings on PlayStation Network with the announcement of its next-gen console. Read the … Read more

Sony announces ‘Summer Blast’ sale on PSN

Sony has announced a ‘Summer Blast’ sale on the PlayStation Network which kicks off tomorrow and ends on July 16. The savings include titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Mortal Kombat, Hitman Trilogy HD and Just Cause 2. Check out the full listing below. JULY 2ND – 9TH Call Of Duty Black Ops … Read more

PS4 Games Line-Up Revealed

Sony confirmed last night at E3 that they are going to have more than 110 titles for their upcoming console, the PS4. Announcing many partnerships with big and small companies, they introduced us to Bungie Inc., Activision, Blizzard Entertainment Inc., Square Enix, Ubisoft Entertainment, 2K Sports, Bethesda Games Studios, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, and more. … Read more

PSG Review – Injustice: Gods Among Us

The idea of some of the most loved superheroes and super villains from the DC universe coming together in a fighting game seems like an idea which is sure to taste commercial sucess. However, it’s not easy to do justice to such a game with stakes as high as it can be. Lead by Ed … Read more

Video: Unreal Engine 4 Running On The PS4

The Unreal Engine tech doesn’t just run games made by the people who make that engine (Gears of War). It’s also licensed to tons of major studios. Unreal Engine 3 is what BioWare used to make Mass Effect and what Rocksteady used to make Batman Arkham City. Many major games are made with Unreal, so if developers are … Read more

PSG Feb. 11 -17 News line Up With Free DLC, PS4 Release Date, And More

Watch as I talk about free DLC for Assassin’s Creed III, PS4 release date, Black Ops 2 Revolution’s release date, Medal of Honor, Batman, and much more. Watch the video here:  Fun Links: Sony Ads Attacking Nintendo And Microsoft:http://fraghero.wpengine.com/sonys-new-… Naughty Dog Working On Two PS4 Games:http://fraghero.wpengine.com/naughty-do… God of War Demo: http://fraghero.wpengine.com/god-of-war… Watch Dogs Release Date: http://fraghero.wpengine.com/watch-dogs… Assassin’s … Read more