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All 12 Star Wars Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

The Star Wars film series is regarded as one of the best movie franchises of all time. Nevertheless, amongst 45 years, 3 trilogies, multiple spin-offs, and 12 theatrical releases in total, some are definitely better than others. With the next film, Rogue Squadron coming out next year, the Andor series coming out this August, and … Read more

DICE Removes Staple 128-Player Mode In Battlefield 2042

DICE is removing 128 player Breakthrough matches in Battlefield 2042 to create a more “tactical” experience. The Breakthrough mode, which used to have 128 players per match, has been reduced to just 64 players. This comes in the newest patch, Update 4.1. A new post on the Battlefield website reads “All-Out Warfare playlists have been … Read more

Fresh Harry Potter JK Rowling

Warner Bros Wants To Make ‘Fresh’ Harry Potter Content With JK Rowling

Warner Bros executives might be meeting with JK Rowling soon to discuss the development of ‘fresh’ Harry Potter content. It’s been a bumpy ride for Harry Potter fans. Sure, we’ve seen three additional movies as an addendum to the main saga. However, their popularity with audiences seems to be dipping lower and lower. It’s to … Read more

Pokimane Criticised For Posting Depp v Heard Meme

Pokimane has received criticism for posting a meme making light of the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million. He alleges that her accusations of abuse are false, and that a Washington Post op-ed she wrote in 2018 made him lose film roles. Surge of Online … Read more

Amber Heard Claims She Had To Fight For Role In Aquaman 2

Amber Heard has said Warner Bros. and DC Films did not want her to return as Mera in Aquaman 2, stating she had to fight for her role. The actress is still in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but she claims she had to fight to keep the role. Her screentime has reportedly been decreased … Read more

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Put On Hold

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy has been put on hold due to the director’s busy schedule. Previously, it was confirmed that Rian Johnson would helm a whole Star Wars trilogy of films. The director worked on The Last Jedi, which divided fans. Now, it seems that trilogy has been put on hold while he works … Read more