PUBG Tried To Implement Fortnite-Like Event Mode But Had To Cancel It

PUBG is trying so, so hard to fix itself but it’s not going as well as people hoped… The latest issue the game is facing is a problem with its Event Mode, which PUBG has announced as unplayable due to a “critical error.” Posting on Twitter, the PUBG Help page wrote: “PC Players: Unfortunately, this … Read more

PUBG Is Giving Out Free Stuff Following Server Issues

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been working hard at fixing some of its biggest flaws and problems for a while now, but players were pretty p*ssed at some of its recent server issues. Connectivity problems meant that lots of people weren’t able to play yesterday, causing an onslaught of hate for PUBG on its social platforms. The … Read more

Nobody Wants To Tell You The Things PewDiePie Has Done For Charity

Felix Kjellberg has done a lot of incredible work for charities, both in raising awareness, raising funds, and donating his own money. Unfortunately, if you’ve only heard about him from the recent storm of headlines from big media outlets who are intentionally misleading their readers, you’d think he was literally Hitler. PewDiePie has always been … Read more

10 Most Elaborate PC Gaming Setups of All Time

We can pretty much imagine that every gamer’s dream is to have a powerful computer to play all current games at maximum settings. Because of this, many people choose to make their own setups and include only the best parts available on the market. But besides the functional part, there is also an esthetic one … Read more

No one realizes Kanye West has Counter-Strike Sound Effects in his Music

If you have played a lot of Counter-Strike, and you listen extremely closely to Kanye West, you may have heard a familiar sound. Often when artists, especially extremely popular ones, want to use sound samples from other songs or other mediums, they’ll need to get clearance from whoever owns the sound, typically accompanied by some … Read more

Nobody has been able to solve this secret Battlefield 1 mystery

Battlefield 1 isn’t a suspense game but players are on a hunt to solve a strange mystery that has them finding headphones and strange morse code messages in various maps of the game. The mystery was first spotted by eagle-eyed Reddit user RHabib as he found headphones across many multiplayer maps of the game. Soon … Read more