Massive PlayStation Mid Year Sale Live, we list the best deals

PlayStation just unveiled its mid-year PSN sale. There was a flash sale recently but the discounts that were found there┬ácan just not compete the ones in this PSN sale. However, this is kind of bizarre since the flash sales are the ones best known for providing gamers with great deals. The list of the sale … Read more

6 Incredible Games That Are Probably Never Coming Back

There are a lot of great gaming IP’s out there. Some of them get the chances they deserve to shine, others just kind of fall by the wayside. Here’s a look at six incredible games that we’ll probabally never see again, but we can keep our fingers crossed either way. 6. Mass Effect This once-beloved … Read more

Here’s The Updated 2016 Game Release Dates Schedule

There are a ton of games due to be released throughout the remainder of the year across all platforms. Here is the most recent list that we have compiled. Not all announced games currently have an official release date, so hopefully those will be provided soon. May 17 Don’t miss: Gamefly coupons Homefront: The Revolution … Read more