Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Mad Max has made a comeback into pop-culture and how. First the sleeper hit in the form of Fury Road and now a full-fledged game which goes above and beyond of being just another licensed game. When you bring in Avalanche Studio to do the development duties, it gets even more intense. Does it live … Read more

EA Says No Dead Space 4 Thanks To VideoGamer

Dino Ignacio, UI Lead at Dead Space developer Visceral Games, has denied the end of the Dead Space series. “The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated,” he tweeted. “Please stand by.” Ian Milham, creative director at EA and ex-art director on Dead Space, also took to Twitter to deny the story. “Almost nothing in that article is … Read more

PSG Line Up Feb.18 – 24th

Tune in as I answer PlayStation 4 questions, talk about Killzone: Shadow Fall, Modern Warfare 4, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy X HD, Driveclub, Knack, and more. I am sorry that I did not talk about Destiny in this video, but you can check out the introduction video here. Watch PSG Line Up Video: Fun Links: … Read more

Black Ops II’s Revolution DLC dated for PSN

Black Ops II’s Revolution DLC  is finally  dated for PSN. The PlayStation 3 users  will finally be able to download this  DLC two weeks from today. Activision has confirmed Black Ops II’s Revolution DLC  will hot PSN on February the  28th for  North America and Europe. Source 1, Source 2