Sony Announces Discounts for Holiday Sale Week 3

Some believe that the best special offers and discounts are always announced for Black Friday – but this is not entirely true. The BF is only the first day of the holiday shopping season, which goes on until Christmas. After two awesome weeks of the Holiday Sale on the PlayStation Store, Sony starts the a … Read more

GTA V on PS4 to be released sooner – Rumor

PlayStation 4 owners might be in for a treat if the rumors about the early release of Grand Theft Auto 5 prove to be true. According to various sources, the game will be released on the PS4 two weeks before its official launch on the Xbox One. The same rumors speak about a huge GTA … Read more

Sony Reveals Upcoming Pre-Load PS4 Video Games

If you’re looking to play your favorite upcoming video games right away once the cock strikes midnight on the day of launch then you’re going to want a pre-load. Ignore those pesky lines or download wait times and have your pre-ordered video games download and install on your PlayStation 4 ahead of launch. According the … Read more