Apex Legends Adds Another Titanfall 2 Character

A new Apex Legends character has been revealed, and it’s Ash from Titanfall 2. Respawn Entertainment revealed the new character in another installment of the Stories from the Outlands video series. In the video we’re re-introduced to Ash, who manages to come off as even creepier than Revenant. Fans of Respawn’s Titanfall games will probably … Read more

Boxed copies of Titanfall 2 will not contain any physical discs on PC

The release of the heavily anticipated Titanfall 2 is fast approaching. With just over a month left until its October 28th launch, many fans are standing by for the latest installment of the series. This time, EA is set to release Titanfall 2 across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin on PC.   Respawn Entertainment have … Read more

Titanfall 2, EA

Titanfall 2 – First Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Just moments ago, EA gave the world it’s first glimpse into the exciting multiplayer element of the upcoming Titanfall 2. Upon first glance, the trailer paints the game as being painfully similar to the original, with the most prominent change being some form of grappling hook. Titanfall will launch come October 28th this year, for both … Read more

Titanfall 2, EA

Titanfall 2 release date revealed, first single player trailer released

Earlier today, a trailer showcasing the sequel to EA’s highly successful 2014 title Titanfall was leaked ahead of it’s official E3 presentation. New details and information owe themselves to the newly leaked footage, which EA has since released the trailer on its official channel since it was pretty much out for everyone to see due to the leak. … Read more