Overwatch will shut down in October – what you need to know

In a slight u-turn from Blizzard, the original Overwatch game is set to shut down when Overwatch 2 launches later this October. If you cast your mind back to when Overwatch 2 was first announced, you may remember that game director Jeff Kaplan spoke about how this new title would co-exist with its predecessor. “It … Read more

Overwatch Developer Blog

Overwatch Developer Blog Released For Week One Of Beta

The Overwatch developer blog has just released an update for week one, which is surprisingly candid about its challenges alongside what changes players can expect from future patches of the PVP beta. Find all of our Overwatch 2 coverage here Goals – Overwatch Developer Blog It looks like Overwatch 2 will be getting multiple re-balances … Read more

Leaked Overwatch 2 Screenshots Reveal New ‘Unranked’ Mode

While Overwatch 2 was previously accidently leaked by a streamer over on Twitch, it appears that further images have surfaced, revealing new modes, a title screen and a hero gallery. The leaked Imgur set shows an Unranked mode, revealing that the mode has taken the place of what was previously Quick Play. The Alpha doesn’t … Read more

xQc Accidentally Leaks Overwatch 2 Live On Stream

xQc recently gave us our first glimpse at the Overwatch 2 experience when he accidentally loaded it up live on stream. There’s a beta due to drop in April this year for Overwatch 2, and Overwatch League players already have access to the beta in order to practice. It turns out, xQc is one of … Read more

Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Begins Next Month, Sign Ups Open Now

The Overwatch 2 beta has officially been announced, and sign ups are open for when it launches next month. Overwatch 2 has been in the works for what feels like a long time, but now we’ve finally got confirmation of a full beta. It will launch later next month in late April. The beta will … Read more

Overwatch 2 Beta Could Be Coming Soon, According To Leaks

One of Overwatch 2’s original leakers has suggested that the game could be receiving a beta soon. Overwatch 2 was announced quite a while ago, and since then we’ve only received small updates followed by the game being pushed back to 2023. In the midst of the Activision-Blizzard scandal, it seemed unlikely we’d be hearing … Read more