You Can Now Connect Your PlayStation Account To Discord – Here’s How

The partnership between Discord and PlayStation has finally come to fruition, meaning you can now connect your PSN account to your Discord one. Players were wondering how the Discord and PlayStation partnership might manifest itself. Now, we have our answer. This Discord integration acts much like the other services that you can link up with … Read more

Internet Users Are Scamming NFT Owners On Discord

Recently, a series of Discord scams has caused NFT owners to worry about who they’re actually dealing with. If you don’t know what an NFT is, don’t worry – they’re as confusing as they sound. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and they “can be used to represent easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and … Read more

Twitch Streamers Find They’re Being Stalked Via Discord

Twitch streamers xChocobars and DisguisedToast recently had to deal with something that’s a lot of people’s worst nightmare. The pair stumbled across multiple Discord servers that had been tracking and documenting their every move in a terrifying case of online stalking. Even more worryingly, the pair believe the team of people involved in the stalking were close to the … Read more

The internet is debating whether online teabagging is sexual assault

Twitter is currently kicking up a storm as the conversation has arisen that debates whether teabagging in an online setting counts as sexual assault. The conversation began when screenshots surfaced of a private Discord server’s chat log. While the original post has since been deleted, duplicates have since been posted. One message reads that “iftbaggging … Read more

Sweet Anita Stalker

SweetAnita Calls For Extra TwitchCon Security Over Homeless Stalker

Twitch streamer SweetAnita has asked how to book security at events after revealing messages she received from a stalker. Popular streamers have always had to deal with the occasional weird person messaging them, especially if they’re a female streamer. And SweetAnita is the latest to reveal the awful messages she received from an obsessed viewer. … Read more