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Counter Strike Esports is Shaken Up With Radical Announcement

It looks like the esports industry is changing, with Counter Strike leading the way. A recently-revealed league structure is about to shake gamers to their core, with new additions such as $100,000 fines for ‘underperforming’. However, the creators believe that this is a ‘love letter’ to esports fans. Let’s take a look at exactly what’s … Read more

Portal Easter Egg Found In Counter Strike:Global Offensive’s New Mode

Counter Strike: Global Offensive recently got its first real update in a long time – Danger Zone – a battle royale mode which promises “tactical gameplay” in a “fight to the finish.” CS:GO fans have been returning to the much-loved game to give Danger Zone a try, and people have found something very interesting in the … Read more

Counter strike battle royale

Valve is cracking the whip on Counter Strike: Go Gambling

You may have heard about the rather shady dealings recently surrounding some CS:GO betting websites – in particular, CS:GO Lotto. The owners of this site turned out to be the famous YouTubers ProSyndicate and TmarTn. The controversy arose from the fact these people used CS:GO Lotto in their videos, showing them betting on skins and … Read more

You Can Now Play Counter Strike 1.6 On Your Android Phone

You’ve probably never considered how Counter-Strike might play out on a smartphone, so here’s your chance to see for yourself. Some genius has actually gotten the game to run on an Android phone; one Alibek Omarov. Although it’s likely an absolute disaster to control with simply a touch interface, a few peripherals and the right know-how … Read more

Wait, Counter Strike: Global Offensive Has Fallout’s Vat System?

Warning: If you watch the video below, side effects may include scrubbing your eyes, excessive sweating and exclaiming “wuh?!” rather loudly. Do not fear however. You are not hallucinating. What you have just seen is one Youtuber’s video mashup of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fallout. Amusingly titled “Nuclear Strike”, Youtuber westracer thought it’d be a … Read more

How Counter Strike should look on PS4

Here’s a screenshot taken from a Youtube video which shows almost life-like visuals of Valve’s first-person-shooter Counter Strike. Would it be possible to resemble similar visuals on Sony’s recently announced PlayStation 4? We highly doubt it but even if it looks even remotely close to this level of realism, we’re sure fans would really love … Read more