iPhones Are About To Look Much More Like Android With iOS 16 Update

Apple has revealed a plethora of new features for the iOS 16 update at a recent worldwide developer conference. To start, Apple is challenging Klarna and ClearPay with its own take on their service. It’s introducing a new “buy now, pay later” scheme where users can pay for products in regular instalments rather than one … Read more

Android Guides – Everything You Need To Know

We’ve all been there. You’ve just picked up a brand new phone and have absolutely no idea how to use it. If you’ve been on the iPhone’s iOS operating system, it can be incredibly daunting making the jump to Android. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of guides to help you learn everything you … Read more

How To Clear Cache On Android

Safe Mode Android

When it comes to safe mode Android, there are lots of reasons to want to enable this mode. In Safe Mode, your device will only start with software and applications that have been installed on your device when you first purchased it. Click here for more Android guides If you are having performance issues with … Read more

Do Not Disturb Android

When it comes to having a mobile phone, you will often get notifications. These notifications can be from apps, social media platforms, text messages and calls. If you are in an important meeting or if you just want a break, the best idea is to implement do not disturb Android on your Android device. Click … Read more

How To Take A Screenshot On Android

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android

Look to learn how to transfer contacts from Android to Android. When getting a new Android phone, you will often want to keep all of your contacts without having to type them, number by number. You can actually, easily, transfer all of your contacts from any phone to any phone. Click here for more Android … Read more

Facebook Dark Mode Android

How To Split Screen Android

If you are looking to open multiple apps on your Android device at once, you’ll want to find out how to enable split screen Android. Split screen can be used to watch a youtube video while you read an article or check the weather while looking at a map. Click here for more Android guides … Read more