Cartoon Fans Should Get Ready For A Lot More Of The Simpsons

Get ready to contract ‘yellow fever’ as it sounds like A LOT more episodes of The Simpsons are coming our way. The long-running animated caper has been on our screens since 1989, but according to sources, the madcap family is nearing renewal for Season 31 and 32. Currently in the middle of its 30th season, The Simpsons has … Read more

The Simpsons Is Using The Homer Bush Meme In Its Latest Episode

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you’ll be aware of the Homer Bush Meme. This meme originates from the fifth season episode “Homer Loves Flanders,” where Homer becomes friends with Ned Flanders and realises that he actually likes him. As a result, Ned begins to hate Homer with a … Read more

The Simpsons Movie 2 Confirmed By New Report

A new report has confirmed that a second Simpsons movie is on its way – as well as a Family Guy one too. If you’re a Bob’s Burgers fan, don’t fret as apparently that’s also going to the big screen. It’s been over a decade since the first Simpsons movie came out, and you’re probably … Read more

Proof The Simpsons has predicted pretty much every TV show and film ever

One of the longest-running shows to air on TV, The Simpsons has done more than its fair share of providing TV entertainment. Most notably, the Simpsons have cleverly foreshadowed several things that ended up happening in real life. From ‘predicting’ Trump becoming president. The Simpsons also predictd various celebrity deaths such as David Bowie, Prince, and golfer Arnold … Read more