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Get The Division 2 For Free This Weekend

Ubisoft are calling new agents to the fight in Washington, DC this weekend and it won’t cost you a penny! The Division 2 has already been heavily discounted recently in Playstation’s January sale, offering the game – including the Year One Pass – for just £15 (approx. $19.50 USD). But now you can get an … Read more

The Division Steam reviews are ‘overwhelmingly negative’ right now

The Division, despite being Ubisoft’s most successful new IP launch ever, has been more of a trainwreck for the company as it failed to maintain the quality of the game as bugs, exploits and glitches wrecked havoc. Although it’s fighting a constant battle against hackers and trying to fix the game as best as possible … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal Has Been Confirmed to Star in ‘The Division’ Movie

The Division by Ubisoft was a massive hit and Ubisoft’s best selling game driving as much as $330 million in sales in the first week of release. Ubisoft has decided to parlay this unparalleled success and continue the franchise with a major feature film. Jake Gyllenhaal has been confirmed to not only star in the … Read more