Power Rangers Non Binary

Power Rangers Introduces First Non-Binary Ranger: The Death Ranger

A new character called the Death Ranger is entering the Power Rangers universe, and they’re the first non-binary ranger in the franchise. The Death Ranger will be making their first appearance in a new book. The book is titled Power Rangers Unlimited: The Death Ranger #1. It releases on August 22nd. Read more about Power … Read more

A Power Rangers Fighting Game Is Coming This Year

Yesterday the whole world was abuzz with the Mortal Kombat 11 event which live-streamed its first snippets of gameplay for eager fans. But Mortal Kombat wasn’t the only game to get people talking yesterday, as an upcoming Power Rangers game came to light. Revealed alongside a trailer, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is apparently “the Power … Read more

Pink Power Ranger Looks Hotter Than Ever In New Power Rangers Movie

Next year. they’ll be an event that probably nobody could have predicted: a new Power Rangers movie. Incurring the wet dream of every 90’s kid across the world, they’ll be more action in pastel coloured suits in less than a years time. This time it even includes Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. One of the main … Read more

GTA 5 In-Game Commercials Video Released

To tide you over until Grand Theft Auto 5 is released in a little over a week, we have compilation video of some of the crazy in-game commercials. Recent GTA games seemed to have backed off a little on the social satire and wackiness that the early entries were based in to focus on gritty … Read more

This Open World Vampire Game Lets You Manipulate World Events

Enough time has officially passed since Twilight, and it’s finally time for vampires to be cool again. Keep an eye out for an upcoming game called Vampyr, which is being developed by Paris-based Dontnod. Their last title, Life Is Strange, was published by Square Enix, and it was an episodic graphic adventure. This time around, they’re going … Read more

best ww2 games

10 Best WW2 Games That Let You Change History Forever

War games have always been a delight for gamers since they offer a great degree of authentic gameplay, a diverse arsenal of weaponry, and the pleasure of playing multiplayer matches with friends. There are multiple genres fit for all tastes: first person shooters, strategy and even action-adventures so avid players can choose exactly the style … Read more