A Horizon Zero Dawn Series Is Reportedly Heading To Netflix

Horizon Zero Dawn is the latest in a long line of video game adaptations, with a series reportedly heading to Netflix. According to reports, a Horizon Zero Dawn series is in development at Netflix. The series is one of 10 new adaptations Sony is currently working on. So we could be seeing the adventures of … Read more

The Blessed One Halo

Halo TV Series Episode 1 Is Available To Watch For Free – Here’s How

The entire first episode of the Halo TV series is currently available to watch for free. The first episode of the Halo adaptation broke Paramount+ records, becoming the most-watched Paramount+ show in the first 24 hours of upload. It’s unknown how many people exactly watched the show, but the previous record holder was 4.9 million … Read more

Halo TV Series Showrunners Say They Ignored The Games When Making It

The Halo TV series is right around the corner, but it has been revealed that the showrunners didn’t look at the games when making the show. The show, which releases on Paramount+ this month, will follow the story of the Master Chief in his fight against the Covenant. Only this story is totally separate from … Read more

God Of War TV Series Could Be Coming Soon To Amazon Prime

A God of War TV series could be in the works soon at Amazon, according to a report by Deadline. PlayStation’s iconic action-adventure franchise is “heading to television”, with Prime Video in talks to produce a live-action series based on the video game series. The report states the series adaptation will come from The Expanse … Read more

Third Sonic Movie Already In Production With A TV Series To Follow

In a turn of events that seemed absolutely unthinkable even three years ago, Sonic The Hedgehog is officially getting a third movie as well as a Paramount+ TV series. “We are delighted to announce that the third Sonic theatrical film and the first live action Sonic series for Paramount+ are being actively developed. We’ve got … Read more

Halo TV Series Gets Second Season Before The First Is Even Out

The Halo TV show on Paramount+ has been renewed for a second season before the first season even airs. The Halo show is set to premiere on March 24th exclusively on Paramount+. It follows the story of Master Chief, the hero of the Halo games. However, the show is set during a different timeline so … Read more