First Teaser Trailer For Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Has Dropped

The first trailer has dropped for the next Mission Impossible movie, dubbed ‘Dead Reckoning: Part One”, and it looks incredible. Mission Impossible fans have been waiting a long time to see the continuation of the series. The series’ last outing was in 2018 with Mission Impossible: Fallout. It was then that we got to see … Read more

Top Gun: Maverick Has Beat Marvel to a Huge Record

Top Gun: Maverick Has Beat Marvel to a Huge Record

While Top Gun is easily one of the most quintessential films of the 80s, no one was exactly clamouring for it to make a return to the big screen in 2022. However, Tom Cruise knows something we don’t, as the intensely action-packed sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, is breaking numerous records at the box office – … Read more

Top Gun Maverick Billion

Will Top Gun Maverick Be Tom Cruise’s First $1 Billion Movie?

Top Gun: Maverick brings in a staggering $90 million on its second box office weekend. This brings the current sequel’s global revenue to more than $552 million.  According to Hollywood Reporter, Maverick currently has a 29% revenue decline. That’s the lowest in history for a movie opening domestically to $100 million or more. Numbers this … Read more

Top 10 Films To Look Forward To In 2023

From John Wick to Margot Robbie’s Barbie, there will be plenty of top films to look forward to in 2023. If you’re unsure what blockbusters are hitting the big screen in 2023, we’ve got you covered, as we take a look at what next year has to offer. Click here to read more about Film … Read more

Avengers 4 Trailer ‘Is Dropping Tomorrow’

It looks as though the Avengers 4 trailer could be coming as soon as tomorrow. Yesterday Conrad, who has previously speculated a Wednesday debut, tweeted: “I never said the [Avengers 4] trailer was coming on Monday or Tuesday. “In fact, there’s another trailer coming this Tuesday, which is why they wouldn’t release A4 then.” The Artemis … Read more

GTA IV gets new patch six years after release, fixes major issues

It’s no secret that Rockstar have enjoyed an incredible amount of success with the longevity of GTA 5. Still, they’re still supporting a previous title. GTA 4 was released way back in 2008, but has recently received its first patch in six years.   The patch, which seems to improve performance for PC gamers is detailed here. … Read more