Indiana Jones 5 might be John Williams’ last film

The legendary composer John Williams might be retiring after Indiana Jones 5 after a lengthy career creating film scores. Williams has had an unbelievable influence on cinema. He created many of the most iconic soundtracks in movie history, and the most instantly recognisable themes – everything from Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Jaws. However, … Read more

John Williams Personally Asked To Write New Obi-Wan Kenobi Theme

It has been revealed that John Williams personally asked to write the new theme for Obi-Wan Kenobi in the latest Disney+ TV show. Star Wars is full of iconic melodies in its soundtrack, many of which are specific to certain characters. Duel of the Fates is synonymous with Darth Maul, while Leia’s theme is another … Read more

John Williams Returns To Score Obi-Wan Kenobi TV Show

The legend John Williams is coming back to score ‘Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi’ after just over a two year absence from the franchise. Williams last project in the Star Wars universe was 2019’s ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’. Since then, he has been absent from the world with nothing released since that he’s composed. … Read more

New Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones 5 producer says film is ‘everything anybody could want’

Indiana Jones 5 is apparently “everything anybody could want” from an Indiana Jones film, according to the producer. Harrison Ford’s long awaited return as Indiana Jones has been in the works for a while. Recently, we got our first image of the film revealing a glimpse of Indy himself. And now the film’s producer Frank … Read more

New Indiana Jones

Here’s Our First Look At The New Indiana Jones Movie

We’ve just received our first look at the new Indiana Jones movie, courtesy of the film’s star Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones hasn’t had a new instalment in quite some time – not since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008. But a new film is on the way, and we’ve just got a small glimpse … Read more

star wars movies ranked cover

All 12 Star Wars Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

The Star Wars film series is regarded as one of the best movie franchises of all time. Nevertheless, amongst 45 years, 3 trilogies, multiple spin-offs, and 12 theatrical releases in total, some are definitely better than others. With the next film, Rogue Squadron coming out next year, the Andor series coming out this August, and … Read more

Star Wars Celebration 22 FAQ

Star Wars Celebration 22 FAQ – Every Announcement

Star Wars Celebration 22 isn’t only the next celebration of the galaxy far far away, it’s a return to form after a two-year hiatus. The last Celebration was in 2019, and thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve been missing out on the magic (or force) of the biggest Star Wars convention in the world. What … Read more