Destiny 2 cat error

Destiny 2 CAT error – How to fix

The Destiny 2 CAT error isn’t restricted to any one platform. Appearing during the Season of the Haunted, this error code is stopping many guardians in their tracks. With Destiny 2 being a live service game, these issues are inevitable from time to time, but how can users fix the error? Destiny 2 CAT error … Read more

Destiny Animated

An Animated Destiny Series Could Be In The Works At Bungie

Bungie may be working on an animated Destiny show following in the success of the League Of Legend series, Arcane. Bungie is currently hiring for a ‘Senior Producer- Linear Media’ role which would entail taking control of the “Destiny IP approval process for all externally-developed linear media stories.” What leads to the belief that they … Read more

Destiny 2 Vidoc Shows New Footage From The Witch Queen

A new vidoc from Bungie shows more of what to expect from the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen. The vidoc was released on Bungie’s YouTube channel, and as always, it shows developers discussing the latest expansion. Bungie are known for doing these vidocs whenever a new game or expansion is around the corner, … Read more

Shroud Refuses To Stream Destiny 2 For This Absurd Reason

Shroud has revealed why he doesn’t stream Destiny 2 to his audience, and the reason is actually quite absurd. Shroud is one of the most beloved streamers on Twitch. The ex-professional Counter Strike player turned his attention to full time content creation in 2017. After a brief dally with Mixer before it went bust, he’s … Read more

Destiny 2 Bungie

What Does Sony Buying Bungie Mean For Destiny 2?

Sony has purchased Bungie for $3.6 billion, but what does this acquisition mean for the future of Destiny 2? Microsoft made a huge move this year when they purchased Activision Blizzard. But Sony has fired back in 2022’s acquisition war, buying up the studio that once owned and created Halo, Microsoft’s most iconic game franchise. … Read more

Sony Buys Destiny Developer Bungie For $3.6 Billion

Sony has acquired the developer of Destiny and the original Halo games, Bungie, for $3.6 billion. This is the second huge acquisition of the month as the games industry shifts in a big way. Earlier this month, Microsoft acquired Activision for a whopping $68.9 billion. Now, it’s Sony’s turn to make a big move.  Bungie … Read more