How to play apple music on Alexa

How To Play Apple Music On Alexa

If you have an Apple Music subscription you’ll want to learn how to play Apple Music on Alexa. Any Alexa enabled device can act as a speaker for your music, allowing you to blast the music you want to hear around the house, ad-free of course. Click here for more iOS, iPhone and Apple guides … Read more

How to play apple music on Alexa

How To Put Alexa In Pairing Mode

When purchasing Alexa enabled device, learning how to put Alexa in pairing mode is essential to hook it up. Pairing your phone to your device will help you use your speaker to play music, listen to audiobooks, hear your favourite podcast and more. For more Alexa, Echo and Amazon tech guides click here To connect … Read more

How tHow to connect Spotify to Alexao connect Spotify to Alexa

How To Connect Phone To Alexa

If you have a new Alexa enabled device, you are probably looking to find how to connect phone to Alexa. Connecting to Alexa will allow you to play music, podcasts, YouTube videos and more through your speakers. It’s a really convenient way to control your Alexa and allows you to make the most of your … Read more

How to play apple music on Alexa

How To Change Alexa Name

You might think that the name Alexa just isn’t very fun or easy to say. You might want to know how to change Alexa name in hopes of having a new command to speak when you are trying to communicate with your device. There are a number of reasons to want to change Alexa’s name, … Read more

How To Use Alexa As A Speaker

If you are looking to use your Alexa powered devices to play music in your home, listen to your favourite podcast while cleaning, or maybe listen to an audiobook while taking a bath, you can easily do so. It’s a quick and simple process that really feels like your home is levelled up and into … Read more

How To Connect Alexa To Bluetooth

Bluetooth – a magical way for your mobile device to connect to your speakers and Alexa power devices. If you want a more simplistic way of connecting your phone to your smart speaker, you’ll be trying to find out how to connect Alexa to Bluetooth. It’s a pretty easy process, similar to connecting Alexa to … Read more