YouTuber Promises To Do Sex A Tape In Exchange For 1 Million Subscribers

It’s hard out here for a Youtuber.

With Pewdiepie stealing all the spotlight with his own antics, everyone is scrambling for ways to keep up. From weird creepy videos where people put needles into dolls, to fake pranks and “social experiments”, to straight up doing pornography, Youtube is going off the rails and all we can do is grab the popcorn and enjoy the show.

This female Youtuber has promised to release a sex tape if she can reach one million subscribers. (Since there’s such a shortage of sex tapes on the internet…)

More subscribers equals more views, more views equals more money, so offering the tape up in exchange for reaching 1 million subscribers is just a round about way to get paid for doing a sex tape. Why not cut out the middle men and go right to San Fernando Valley if she wants to make adult films?


There are plenty of companies who will pay a buxom young woman a lot of cash to fornicate on film, but she’s not just looking to cash in on a few films, she’s building a brand. She could shoot a sex tape, get paid once, and that’s it … or she can try to leverage her Youtube exposure into a million followers and then all of her videos will make bank.

She makes the distinction between her plans and “doing porn” in the traditional sense, stating she would be making and releasing her tape with somebody that she knows, instead of working with a professional.

The problem here is that she’s only at about 50k subs, long ways to go, and the internet is literally filled with sex tapes. It’s really a buyer’s market when it comes to pornography on the internet. Unless she’s putting up videos that people want to see on her Youtube channel, there’s no way a million people are going to rally around just for a hypothetical tape from somebody the barely know.

After the “formal announcement”, she proceeds to bend over in order to give her viewers “A little preview.” She really wants to do this, and she wants you to help make her famous in the process.

“I have been approached to do porn multiple times in the past year. It’s not something I’ve been interested in or tempted by. I don’t want to do porn. But a sextape with someone that I’m seeing? That seems cool to me!”