YouTuber Confronts and Humiliates Alleged Racist Tana Mongeau at Her Own Show

Popular Youtuber iDubbbz has a series called Content Cop where he basically goes in on anyone who has it coming. He calls out a lot of the BS that goes on in the world of Youtube, including people who lie to and manipulate their fans.

image: idubbbz

Another popular Youtuber, Tana Mongeau, is the most recent person to get pulled over by the Content Cop, and iDubbbz actually went to insane levels to make this happen…


If you aren’t familiar with Tana’s videos, she goes on long, judgemental rants and exaggerates about her day to day life. She acts very virtuous at times but it doesn’t exactly line up with reality.

For some context, iDubbbz is a huge supporter of free speech and explains that the CONTEXT of words matters a lot in determining their meaning. He uses the example of a school teacher reading Huckleberry Finn and saying the n-word, it’s not the same as if you’re screaming it at a KKK rally.

Tara, on the other hand, has said that context doesn’t matter at all and words carry the same weight regardless, which is very ironic since iDubbbz went nuclear…


And found old videos of Tana saying all sorts of horribly racist things. She made a video where she defended it by saying she didn’t realize that the n-word was racist since “rappers say it in songs.” It’s a weak excuse, obviously, and she was caught point blank being a hypocrite. She wasn’t using it in a joking context, or to point out how bad of a word it is, she was saying it to someone hatefully. On multiple occasions. On camera.

So, she went off on iDubbbz and he just bit his tongue, waiting for the perfect moment to retaliate which involved showing up at one of her live shows, confronting her, and then waiting for her to make a video about it.


He knew that in her video, she would GREATLY exaggerate what happened, for example saying that he went up to her and held on so tight that she couldn’t get away, or saying that he gave a thumbs up, or that he paid $200 to meet her, and any number of things that actually didn’t happen. She went on about being terrified for her life, and got a ton of sympathy from her fans. Until they saw what actually happened…

Now that iDubbbz has released the actual footage of their encounter, everyone is seeing crystal clear how badly she exaggerated the situation, and a lot of her subscribers are turning on her.

It was a brilliant move, really. iDubbbz could have gone on about how she exaggerates, lies, makes things up, and has a history of saying hateful and racist things even thought she preaches the opposite in her videos. You can’t talk about being peaceful, respectful, and loving to all people and then go on to say such hateful things in your videos, it just doesn’t work like that.

But instead of just talking about it, he decided to let her set her own trap for herself by making things up about what happened when he has video evidence that that’s not at all how it went down.

The fact that iDubbbz had been quiet about this for a while should have been the biggest warning sign that he was about to drop something huge. You can visit his channel to see the full Content Cop episode where he goes into the whole backstory and exposes her for what she’s getting wrong.