World of Warcraft player has sex with girlfriend after forgetting to turn off livestream

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One embarrassed and forgetful gamer in Australia should have taken notes from Mark Zuckerberg about covering his webcam, because it captured and streamed a very intimate moment between him and his girlfriend.Zuckerberg Webcam

A World of Warcraft streamer named “Murda Ralph” forgot to shut down his webcam after going live with a group of other WoW players, perhaps distracted by the sumptuous breasts of his buxom girlfriend.

Him and his thick armed companion engaged in a wide variety of sexual intercourse in his dingy bedroom, in suspiciously perfect view of his live webcam.

He didn’t realize until the next day, when all of his MMORPG buddies were like, “Hey bro, saw you have sex with your girlfriend yesterday.”

Ok they didn’t really say all that, but they let him know he accidentally broadcast his sexy time. His reaction was a simple, “Oh no.”