The Witcher 3 features the most ridiculous sex scene in a videogame

witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is undoubtedly one of most successful RPGs of all time, and not without reason. Stepping into the shoes of monster hunter Geralt is an experience that even the most hardened RPG players would enjoy.

It doesn’t stop there; even people new to the genre would find the game refreshingly welcome and entertaining. The Witcher 3 also excels in another department, that of amalgamating adult content with solid writing and storyline.



It has its fair share of love making scenes which are not only wonderful to experience, but often time hilarious. What stands out, however, is one particular sequence that can be experienced thanks to its final expansion pack, Blood and Wine.

Here, Geralt has the luxury of indulging in a rather private moment with one of his old flames, Shani. You don’t only get to slay monsters and fend off an immortal king in this DLC pack, after all.


The love-making scene has two scenarios. One plays out as any normal sequence would, with both of them ending up having a romantic evening under a beautiful night sky.