Watch a hacker dominate a Battlefield 1 game even before it’s released

Battlefield 1

It didn’t take long for hackers to enter EA’s upcoming World war 1 first-person shooter Battlefield 1. Just after the 10 hour trial of Battlefield 1 got released, it seems hackers have already started having a field day in the game.

The game’s not even launched yet and hacking has already made its way into the game. Battlefield 3, DICE and EA’s last official Battlefield outing had a really shaky launch and it seems Battlefield 1 will have an uphill task of ensuring a smooth launch.

Hackers being able to exploit the game so early is sure to give both the publisher and developer sleepless nights in the coming days as it prepares to roll out the game worldwide.

PC Gamer has also managed to capture a video which shows a hacker using a aim bot.