6 Videogame records that no one can ever break


We all strive to be the best, and it’s in our animal nature to be the alpha at everything, video games included. Whether it’s topping the leaderboards on your favorite multiplayer game, a speed run or simply bragging rights against a sibling, we’ve all tried and done these things.

But some records just can’t be broken, and here’s a compilation of a few video game records that can never be broken.

The Simpsons – Highest Killstreak

the simpsons

The arcade spin off of The Simpsons proved to be a fun beat-em-up that ate up your coins. Released in 1991 for arcades and the Commodore 64 (also downloadable over the XBL arcade and PSN), the game showcases all things pre-2000s. It was well received globally and sells well for the retro gamers.

Like many arcade games, it’s a true test of skill. Starting off relatively easy and slowly increasing the difficulty (obviously to make you lose and spend more money). The highest kill streak held in this game is 263, 25 points above the runner-up. What makes this such an impossible record to break, besides the stupidly high score, is the technological differences.

The game was made and tailored around arcade use, meaning the control scheme would have most likely been a joystick and a couple of buttons. While developers would have changed this to suit the functionalities of Playstation/Xbox, it’s never the same, or as easy for that matter, as arcade controls. Besides, who actually buys arcade games on modern consoles?

PAC-MAN – Kill Screen

pac man

Marking the start of a new era, Pac-Man was released in 1980 and is in the hall of fame regarding video games, up there with the likes of Mario and Sonic. Quite possibly one of the most revolutionary video games, we all know Pac-Man. Even your grandma does.

Due to it’s technological limits however, there was a cut off point. No matter how awesome you were at avoiding those ghosts you would never truly have bragging rights as you’d be gifted with a screen full of numerical and random symbols, ultimately glitching the game and robbing you of the right to have your name (shortened to three characters of course) pasted on the leaderboard.

This means no one can actually beat the game technically nor have any kind of high score record as well.