This is a video game about building a powerful gaming PC

Building a gaming PC isn’t easy. Having to research extensively on computer parts, buying the necessary pieces and unpacking boxes is quite the hassle. Have you ever wished that you could just select the parts from a selection and then insert the parts into its necessary place with the click of a button? Well, now you can!

There is now a custom PC pre-built service available to download via The new software, appropriately titled, PC Building Simulator is a simulation game that allows you to assemble a virtual PC. More useful than Goat Simulator and more immersive than Job Simulator, this game will allow you to select PC parts from a menu, and allow you to click the parts into its rightful place.

But, here’s the catch the simulator is no cake walk and there’s a lot of effort that comes with it. Like having to screw in your motherboard standoffs and manually connecting MOLEX cables to your PC.

Image: gHacks Technology News

Now the game is still in its development stages because at the time of writing there is only one option available for a vast majority of PC parts. while some of those said parts re merely just placeholder items. Despite this, it is still in its pre-alpha state and the final version will have a plethora of computer parts to choose from. If you download the pre-alpha, you’ll notice that the in-game menu imps that there will be some sort of career mode available once the game is complete, kinda like you have a professional career as a Geek Squad member, building PCs from scratch.

Image: Alienware Arena

You can check out some gameplay footage down below. PC Building Simulator is available now as a download on