Venom movie officially confirmed, release date revealed

Not only is the Venom movie confirmed, we also know when it’s going to be coming out. 

Some of the details are still up in the air, like who will be directing it and whether or not Spider-Man himself will make an appearance, but there are a few things we do know so far. There’s a script already, and it was written by Scott Rosenberg who also wrote movies like Con Air and Gone in Sixty Seconds. It was also written by Jeff Pinker, who did The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Other than that, and the fact that it’s coming out on October 5th, 2018, there’s not a lot of news to share yet.

image: slashfilm

For a while it, it was unclear what would happen with the Venom movie. Sony had big aspirations for Spider-Man, but ended up cancelling most of their plans… except this one.

We also know that Sony plans to turn this into a franchise, it’s unclear how many movies they’ve got in mind but it’ll certainly depend on the success of the first. Since there’s a degree of separation between this and the Marvel Universe, presumably, it would be interesting to see Sony take a darker turn with it, like not shying away from a more adult “superhero” movie, go for that R rating.