The US Navy Is Catapulting Trucks Off Aircraft Carriers For This Reason

If you need any reasons to feel patriotic and stoked about America today, here you go. Some of the country is feeling kinda down, but in these divisive times there’s some thing that should always be able to bring us together and that’s launching giant machines.

Let’s be real, catapulting trucks off of an aircraft carrier is badass, no matter what the reason is. Apparently, the reason for laucnhing these giant trucks off of the carrier is in order to test the jet catapult system.

Obviously, a big truck is going to be a lot less expensive than a jet, so it makes sense to test with something a lot cheaper first. The big difference? The jets take off afterwards and soar into the sky, whereas these trucks just fall into the water near the USS Gerald Ford, where these tests took place.

We could watch this all day long. They should setup bleachers so that people can buy tickets and watch, it’s a lot more entertaining than at least half of what you could find on television at any given moment.

For every truck that’s launched, there’s probably an Eagle somewhere proudly spreading its wings and soaring off into the distance.