Top Hardest Video Game Bosses Ever

We all had those video game experiences where we threw or controller, screamed, swore and maybe sobbed a bit. Here are some of the most range inducing top hardest video game bosses ever that popped more than a few blood vessels.

12. Punch Out – Mike Tyson


Starting off this list is the one and only Mike Tyson from Punch Out.

Back in the day when you wanted to a boxing game, Punch Out was the number one go to title for the NES. Though to claim ultimate victory meant beating Mike Tyson, let’s be honest, most of us just gave up at that point.

Mike Tyson was a massive wrecking machine with unstoppable power and blows that would knock your character out in record speeds.


11. Splatterhouse II – The Ultimate Evil

GENESIS--Splatterhouse 3_Oct10 23_56_43

What can be considered old games today, the era that made up video games for NES and Sega often meant extreme difficulty. With games having to be shorter than what we’re use to playing today, developers ensured to make a challenging title that will keep you busy.

Splatterhouse II was one of these games but when it came to The Ultimate Evil boss, it’s pretty much game over. The Ultimate Evil was a monster formed with different heads and tentacles. You can expect some cheap shots from this beast as well since it goes off screen at times and fires at you making it near impossible to avoid attacks.


10. Half-Life – Nihlianth


Ninlianth is just range inducing. If you’re not one who can hold his patience then don’t bother attempting to take on this ugly creature. The main part of this battle is trying to even land an attack on this creature.

Ninlianth has the ability to transport you into a room of alien creatures, toss more alien creatures at you and even deal some pretty high-damage attacks. So when you’re finally gearing up to ending the last alien, prepare for several more.


9. Street Fighter III – Gill


Street Fighter in general can be hard. Developers have tossed in some complex fighters into the mix but no one could expect one as hard as Gill from Street Fighter III. The fighter had some intense skills that would have made it tough for the most skilled Street Fighter player.

Though to much of our surprise, when you finally managed to take away Gill’s entire HP, the fighter would resurrect with full HP.


8. Mortal Kombat – Goro


Goro was something that easily ate up our coins when attempting to beat Mortal Kombat at the arcades. Just when you got into the groove of things, the match that put you up against Goro completely changed that around.

Developers even admitted that Goro was unbalanced and even fixed balancing in future video games but the damage was already done.


7. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes – Spider Guardian


We have to first state that this is referring to the Gamecube version, no the release on Wii. The fight that made us pop a blood vessel in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes esaily goes to Spider Guardian.

Several reasons made this a hard boss fight. From a complex map that was hard to navigate and timing perfectly to land a blast to the Spider Guardian enemy. Developers went back to make it so much easier in the Wii version release.


6. Ninja Gaiden – Alma


You’re going to need skill taking on Alma. In Ninja Gaiden, players are up against an opponent that has no set patterns, no hints at when to attack or any flaws that could land an easy win. Instead, Alma is completely random.

The opponent is fast and unforgiving. You’ll need quick reaction times to avoid attacks and maybe a bit of luck landing a few attacks of your own.


5. World of Warcraft – C’Thun (pre-patch)


You know you’re up against something bad when the best WOW players are having trouble. The World of Warcraft C’Thun makes our list but only the pre-patched C’Thun. This beast was so tough that everyone had issues beating this enemy.

In fact, the C’Thun was so tough that entire guilds of high ranking WOW players couldn’t even defeat the C’Thun causing Blizzard to go in and patch the monster and make it a bit weaker.


4. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Final Boss


Something we don’t see too often in video game bosses is the ability to hide. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Hunter’s last boss was beyond range inducing. This old man shouldn’t be much of a problem but he is!

The thing that makes this old man such a big problem is that he is so good at hiding. This time the boss doesn’t make a full on assault to attack you but instead uses his wits to hide and take you out with his sniper. Trust me, you’re going to be wandering around the jungle for a long time before you discover his whereabouts.


3. Kingdom Hearts II – Sephiroth

maxresdefault (1)

What can we say about Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II. The guy is just tough, fast, contains a wide range of attacks making it near impossible to defend against. Most Kingdom Heart players never even got pass the fight and I don’t blame them.

Unless you are able to defend his attacks precisely, control the urge to wasting the ability to heal yourself and even landing a few blows, you’re not going to have a good time.


2. Gears of War – General Raam


Gears of War’s final boss really puts players up for a challenge. The last boss challenges you in several levels, the ability to time your shots, avoid his giant mini gun and Kyrll he sends at you while also making for new cover. To say that the end game is tough is a vast understatement.


1. Dark Souls – Ornestein and Smough


Dark Souls has been a game that easily frustrates gamers beyond belief. You will die more times then you can count. One wrong move, misplaced step, a certain attack or just an enemy out of the camera view will punish you more than a normal game probably should.

Orenstein and Smough are two seperate enemies that have different fighting styles. One being extremely fast while the other slow. Both are insanely difficult and pairing the two together can be done right disappointing.

While your avoiding the giant hammer attack from one enemy, the other will swoop in and tear you apart with his lighting spear. Yeah, good luck with that.