These are the 10 Best Crafting Games Where You Start With Virtually Nothing

In order to subsist you need to gather materials and learn how to successfully transform them into household objects, weapons and armor. Crafting games usually include traits from the exploration and survival genres and the outcome is often a complex amalgam where you need to prove how good of a manager you are when it comes to obtaining blueprints, recipes and supplies. In the list that follows you’ll find some of the titles that put an emphasis on crafting, leaving other elements such as role-playing or combat to fall in second place. We also tried to include some titles that are maybe not so popular on the market, but deserve a little spotlight nevertheless so that you can enjoy a bit more variety compared to other similar lists.

Stranded Deep

A plane crash survivor is faced with some of the most life threatening scenarios and he must find a way to survive. As the player, you are able to explore various islands from the Pacific, reefs and derelict ships in order to find all the supplies necessary to craft weapons and other useful objects. The resources that you find while wandering around on land or underwater can be harvested and combined in such a way that new items will be formed. Stranded Deep is a game that tests your management skills since you’ll need to ration your supplies and manage your vital needs in order to survive as much as possible.


Players are able to control, from a first-person view, the lone survivor of a futuristic ship that recently crashed on an aquatic planet. In Subnautica you are tasked with collecting resources, building all kinds of tools, bases and submersibles with the goal of exploring the environment and following the storyline provided by the game. In Creative mode all the hunger, thirst, health, and oxygen features are eliminated so the player is able to concentrate mainly on crafting. All of the blueprints are at hand so all you’ll need to do is gather the necessary resources and start building all kinds of devices.


A multiplayer-only survival game, Rust was initially created as a DayZ replica with the addition of crafting elements. The player starts off alone in the wilderness equipped only with a rock that will help him cut wood and break apart stones, and a torch that will prove useful when defending from bears and wolves; not to mention having some light during nighttime. It is possible to join other players, form clans and go out on raids together but you could also be facing the other end of the sharp stick if they are our for blood. Materials such as cloth, wood, metal ore, sulfur and stone can be gathered and used to immediately build vital items.

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