Top 10 most well endowed female videogame characters ever

The annals of gaming are filled with fantastical, magical characters who have achieved countless incredible and impossible tasks. From saving the world, to saving their loved ones, it’s often a thankless job.

Some characters, more so than others, have been blessed with certain indescribable traits that have helped them along their journeys. Not every lady on this list is a hero, some use their blessed powers for evil, but none the less – for everyone on this list – game designers went that extra mile to make sure they would stand out.

10. Cortana – Halo

Cortana has got your back, so it’s your responsibility to watch the front. Cortana was created by cloning Dr. Catherine Halsey’s brain, but they took some liberties in re-designing the rest of her. The original version of her face was based on Nefertiti, and she is voiced by Jen Taylor (Who also does the voice of Princess Peach, among others.)

She was blessed to be born into a family of incredibly smart and ambitious parents who undoubtedly helped push her own curiosities and sense of adventure. This strong female lead has been inspiring female gamers for decades, and inspiring male gamers, too. Her bravery, courage, intelligence, and resolve have taken her on incredible adventures.

9. Aeris – Final Fantasy 7



Forget about final fantasy, Aeris was many gamers’ first fantasy. This Cetra/Human hybrid from Icicle Lodge is skilled when it comes to handling a very large Staff, despite her untimely demise.



8. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider



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7. Jade – Mortal Kombat

Jade has two very powerful allies who have helped her get where she is today, they’re named Kitana and Mileena, with whom she worked alongside as the personal assassins of Shao Kahn.

Jade made her first appearance in Mortal Kombat 2, and took on a more central role in the series’ reboot.