This Might Be The Biggest Booty Girl To Ever Do Cosplay

You’ve probably had your fair share of sleepless nights, laying in bed thinking about girls who do cosplay, asking yourself important questions like which cosplay girl has the biggest booty? We’ve gone through the laborious task of finding her so that you don’t have to. We could have kept these pictures to ourselves, but instead we’ll share.

Meet Sofia Sivan. She wears many hats like writer, comedian, pinup girl, and cosplayer. One thing she doesn’t always wear a lot of, is clothing, as you’ll soon discover.

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Hungry yet?
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All of these pictures…

Are from her Instagram, we’ll toss you links to all of her social media in a minute.

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She claims House Slytherin…

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Makin’ Deals

You can find a lot of her pictures available for sale on her website as prints, in case you can’t get enough or you just want backups for when your wifi is down.

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