This Is The Reason Why GTA V Hasn’t Had a Single Player DLC Yet

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Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a good few years now but Rockstar is yet to release any single-player DLC for it. This has many gamers thinking as to why there hasn’t been any DLC content released for the game although it was such a massive commercial and critical success.

We finally might have an answer to this question thanks to the recently concluded earnings conference call by Take-Two Interactive for Q3 2015.


According to Take-Two their net revenue for Q3 was $486.8 million as compared to $954 million in last year’s third quarter. The dip in earnings is mostly due to no notable releases from its stables during this time period while last year had quite a few of them.


However, that’s still a large amount of money and most of it is due to one title: Grand Theft Auto V. You might be wondering how that’s possible but it’s obvious.

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