There’s a Hidden Secret Message if you Play “My Name Is” Backwards

Finding hidden messages by playing songs backwards is nothing new. If you play Hotel California backwards, you’ll hear satanic messages. If you play it forwards, you’ll hear an Eagles song. Pick your poison.

image: the boston globe

From The Beatles, to Motorhead, to Soundgarden, there are dozens of examples of hidden messages that only show up when you play a song backwards.

Eminem has a lot of layers to his songs, in particular his wordplay. In some cases, you’ve got to actually look up the lyrics on to fully understand what he’s talking about. It does deep, but one of the best examples of Eminem’s wordplay might be the following…


If you play the song My Name Is backwards, in particular the chorus, you’ll hear Eminem saying…

“It’s Eminem! It’s Eminem! It’s Eminem! It’s Slim!”

Yeah, really!

It went for years without even being noticed. Some hardcore fans will probably know this piece of trivia already, but a lot of people had no idea, until very recently…

We hadn’t heard much from Eminem in recent years until he started speaking out against Trump and talking about all of the extreme ways he would like to make love to Ann Coulter in a recent single. Eminem is one of the most creative rappers, and highest selling artists of all time, and it makes you wonder how many other hidden easter eggs are out there.

For example, in the music video for Stan, as Eminem’s sitting at his desk, there’s a moment where lightning strikes and you can see Stan’s reflection in the window.