There are websites that let you buy level 20 in Pokémon Go instantly

For some people, perhaps Pokémon GO is a little too time-consuming to make any real progress with. Responsibilities like work, education, children, and so on may hold people back from achieving what would’ve otherwise been child’s play to them. For these people, there is an alternative to the grind – Goldah.

Goldah is a site from which you can purchase post-grind Pokémon Go accounts. The website allows you to make short work of getting the best Pokemon in the game and leveling up in no time.

The site promises a 100% safety guarantee, instant delivery, good prices, and a full refund policy. Take a look below to get a better idea of what this all means:

Pokémon GO


Two types of purchases can be made on the site.

The first: simply buy a new account. There is a range of accounts to choose from.

  • Level 10, 30+ Pokémon, 15’000+ Stardust
  • Level 15, 40+ Pokémon, 15’000 – 25’000 Stardust
  • Level 20, 40+ Pokémon, 30’000 – 50’000 Stardust

The second: buy specific Pokémon. It’s very simple. You give them your login and password, then they login to your account to catch the specific rare Pokémon you need. Each Pokémon has an assigned price, ranging from $3 to $16.


The third option allows you to buy specific numbers of rare Pokemon. For instance, you can purchase 10 rare Pokemon or 20 rare Pokemon. Prices vary from $13 to $20 and up. The process again is quite straight forward, all you need to do is give them your account details and they will catch the Pokemon for you.

Pokémon GO


You can head over to Goldah to take a look at the offers if you don’t have too much time to spend on the game. It’s pretty cool and can be a great way to get some rare Pokemon that might not be spawning in your area.