The 5 most hated video games of all time


Video games are supposed to be fun, wonderful and even inspiring or educational. But every so often, a video game comes along and defies expectations, sometimes of the lowest order. Some games barely manage to scrape a decently forgivable score on such sites like Metacritic and are regularly the punchline at the end of jokes by game journalists when discussing their worst gaming experiences.

So, let’s dive straight in, towards the bottom of the video game barrel and see what we can find. We’ve looked at certain review aggregate sites to find out what are the truly worst (we’ll go with “hated” because the evidence comes mainly from others critics views) video games of all time.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5




We’ll start pretty recent. When a new Tony Hawk game was announced back in 2015, it should have warranted excited anticipation. After all, the series is somewhat of a legend of the modern era of games.

The original series, Project 8, even Proving Ground, have become classics in their own right. However, Pro Skater 5 wasn’t exactly released to similar acclaim. The PS4 version of the game currently has a score of 32/100.

That’s bad. Many critics singled out the outdated graphics (they look PS2-era at best), poorly rendered textures and environments, unplayable online capabilities and simplistic missions. Probably a good decision to bail on this one.