The Biggest Gaming Disasters Of 2015 – 2016


There’s no real way to define what makes a game good. For me, it’s a mixture of memorable gameplay, generation defining graphics, an in depth story and well structured characters. How to define a bad game? Well that’s a little easier.

We have come up with our list of the biggest disasters of 2015. It’s been an exceptional year for gamers, unlike 2014, video games such as Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 and Halo 5 have been satisfying our needs, but like everything else, where there’s good, there’s bad. Let’s take a look.

Battlefield Hardline


Battlefield Hardline isn’t necessarily bad, if you paid full price for an expansion pack. Visceral had a shot at the legendary Battlefield franchise, switching the focus from the usual military style to a cops and robbers theme. It sounds good in theory, but what was delivered to us was pretty much a Battlefield 4 re-skin.

The gameplay is the same, swapping armored Jeeps for police interceptors, assault rifles for pistols and the only new feature was a clunky stealth system. The campaign mode puts you in the shoes of a John Doe cop who you really don’t care about, with a Jane Doe partner who you also don’t care about and like all 80’s cop films, you get betrayed by your captain (you guessed it, you don’t care about him either). It’s an overall wooden campaign at best, it feels like its been thrown together at last minute with a few cliches in the mix. Intentional or not it did not go down well.

Did the multiplayer pay off? If you like Battlefield, then yeah it was okay. I won’t lie I put a few hours into this and at first it felt new, a welcome twist on the usual Battlefield settings, but eventually I came to the realization that it’s just BF4 with a coat of fancy paint.

The Order: 1886 


Pre-release, The Order boasted stunning visuals and an atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife. So what went wrong? Well, wrong might be the wrong word to use, a lot of things were done right, besides Ready At Dawns concept of a video game.

It’s terribly scripted, for the most part of the game it doesn’t feel like you’re in control, you’re either knee deep in a cutscene or limited to where you can go and what you can do.

It’s a shame that The Order turned out the way it has, there’s so much potential, the well constructed locations, believable characters and the sheer polished looks of the game are the games high points. The barriers, linear gameplay and the on-rails feel, coupled with all the hype and promise put it on this list.