Ten Hottest Gamer Girls of All Time

Every gamer kid’s dream is to grow up and to get paid to play videogames. For the ones that do pursue it, it doesn’t take long to realize that the dream of being a “video game tester” isn’t actually such a glamorous job after all.

These enterprising gals, however, have found a better way to turn that dream into a lucrative reality. Twitch and YouTube have drastically increased the career opportunities for ladies with webcams to make money on the internet, and here are the ones who are leading the pack.


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Lia is going to hit a million followers on Instagram any moment now, but already has over 2 million subscribers on Youtube. When it comes to hot girls who get paid to play videogames, she’s killin’ the game.


Her recent posts feature her new Mercedes, so she’s definitely doing something right.

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