Ten Creepiest Easter Eggs Gamers have ever Discovered

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V tops our list for the creepiest Easter egg in a video game with its strange ghost of a girl on top of Mount Gordo. What’s really interesting about this Easter egg is the story that goes with it.

At 11PM, the ghost of a girl will appear standing on some rocks at Mount Gordo. If you look at her in your sniper scope, you can get a clear view of her. If you move closer to the girl, she disappears. Yet if you look down your sight again, she’s actually still there. Once the clock hits midnight, the girl will be gone.

Once at the rocks the girl is seen to be standing on, the player will discover a word written in blood saying “Jock”. It appears that Jock is the name of the man who ran for Liberty City governor in the story. In addition to this, there is a newspaper article about the death of Jolene Cranley-Evans, wife to Jock Cranley. The article says her death was “an accident” and that she fell off the cliff. Rockstar Games is hinting at a different fate Jolene.